Stay Home. Stay Safe.

list of routines and activities during times of crisis

Steven M. Bertrand

As the human race experiences tragic turmoil across the globe, we find ourselves locked in our homes closely monitoring COVID-19 and its victims. It's only natural for us to be on the deep end drowning in all the media coverage but with such large amounts of data slowly incrementing on different platforms and websites, we must find time to create healthy routines and activities to maintain a healthy mind and body.

Family + Remote Work

For many, working remotely means balancing time between work todo lists and playing with the kids.

Steven M. Bertrand

It's time to adjust. You have received an email from your commander and chief noting that COVID-19 has altered normal business operations at the office and that the work from home initiative has been activated. Some are filled with joy and excitement while others are able to foresee the challenges of receiving harsh demands for piggy back rides from their kids, while taking Slack calls for remote team members.

Time to Stock

Plan and prepare for what’s to come and stock up

Steven M. Bertrand

Is it purely mass hysteria that our communities have taken hoarding to a whole new level. I’m not entirely sure. The world is changing and many of us are playing it safe rather than to receive a phone call that they tested positive for COVID-19.